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Tips on how to get your kids moving

We understand that in this day and age it can be tricky to get children moving. They are spending more and more time on iPads, in front of tvs and on computers. It is important for children to be consistently active as it builds strength, coordination and confidence and leads to healthier lifestyles long term.

With a busy family household, we know it can be tricky to implement time for physical activity so we have suggested a few tips below to make it fun, easy and hopefully sustainable!

  1. Be a role model and play with your children. Choose a new skill or activity and help them learn it. For eg: dribbling a basketball or skipping.
  2. Throw a dice and choose a different movements like squats or star jumps and do this for the number shown on the dice.
  3. Take children to places outside where they can be active such as parks, basketball courts or skate parks.
  4. Write down different activities on a piece of paper and put them in a jar to create a lucky dip. Choose a different piece of paper every day and do that activity for 10mins.
  5. Find a fun dance class for kids on youtube. Some of them are really great!
  6. Schedule in time for exercise. Make sure there are set times within the week that is designated for exercise. Sometimes homework and chores can take priority so it can be helpful to plan and make time for activities.

  1. Use exercise as a form of transport. Walking to and from places such as school, the shops or a friend’s house can be an easy way to get the body moving without really having to think about it.
  2. Finally, focus on fun! Incorporate the use of their toys, or make it a competition of who can go the fastest down the hall way. Children like to have fun and so they are more likely to keep exercising if they’re doing an activity they enjoy.

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