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Squeezing in some ‘me’ time as a busy parent

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences we can get, but any parent at home knows how difficult it can be to squeeze in even a moment of time for ourselves during a busy day. Balancing work, errands, and the children can be an overwhelming process – and self-care is often placed at the bottom of the list. It’s important to dedicate time for ourselves as parents. It allows us to rest, rejuvenate and re-energize so that we can be the best versions of ourselves to our family and friends!

Here are some small tips that might help squeeze in some time for you! 

1. Include your kids and family in chores and household responsibilities. 

Increasing your child’s responsibilities is great for both them and you. Even simple tasks like getting them to put their toys away after they have finished playing with them, or putting away plates from the table teaches them to be responsible for their actions, and gives them a feeling of achievement as they help out at home. It can also help take some stress off your shoulders,  giving you just a bit more time to yourself, instead of cleaning up after them. 


2. Wake up 30 minutes before your kids. 

Giving yourself just 30 minutes to wake before your kids gives you a moment of peace and calm in the early mornings. These minutes might just give you the time to do the things you need to do in your process of waking up – use a free and empty bathroom, make some coffee, or squeeze in some uninterrupted morning exercises.  


3. Try and get the kids into bed on time. 

Children need a lot more sleep than adults, ample sleep is crucial for proper growth and development. Getting your kids in bed on time will benefit them, whilst also giving you an extra couple of hours to wind down and relax before you get to bed. Think face mask, reading, journalling or just lying down. 


4. Find daily methods and habits to incorporate to your lifestyle that can help you save time.  

Developing habits to help you save time can assist you being more efficient with daily tasks. Meal prepping your own lunches, preparing outfits and meals the day before, and even just limiting your social media time in the mornings are changes that can give you some extra time in the mornings to do something for you. It also helps with those stress levels!  


5. Take turns with other mums to watch each other’s kids. 

Carpooling is a great example of this, take turns with other mum’s from your children’s grade to carpool to school. Each parent may take a group of children once a week, meaning for 3 or 4  days a week you’ll have some extra time in the mornings. Setting up play dates is also a good way to keep the kids busy, and give you some time to do something for you. 


6. Enjoy the time you spend with your kids. 

As tiring and exhausting as it can be parenting and entertaining the kids, enjoy it as much as you can. Get them involved with your exercise, or have them do some self-care things with you. It gives you the chance to give back to yourself whilst having them around to enjoy it with you.  

Having kids is always going to consume your time, but don’t feel guilty keeping some of that time for yourself! Prioritize and look after yourself as well as your kids. Give yourself a moment to appreciate all the work you do! 

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