Are you a parent or carer of a child in their early years?

We can help your family make healthy changes for the future through interactive learning, health coaching, tips, tools and practical resources.

About the Active8 program

The program includes phone-based health coaching, useful tips, tools, physical resources and weekly interactive learning sessions.
Explore this session before you start the program. It will provide you with useful information about the program and tips on how to complete the sessions.


Getting started

Learn about healthy eating habits for your family. Topics include the five food groups and the difference between everyday and sometimes foods and drinks.


Healthy eating

Find out how much physical activity and screen time is recommended. We’ll also learn about different types of play, and how to include more in your family’s routine.


Active play

Learn strategies for dealing with fussy eating behaviours to create enjoyable mealtimes and encourage children to try new foods.


Food without fuss

Explore things that can influence children to make healthy and unhealthy choices, and ways to be a healthy role model.


Triggers + modelling

Learn about healthy and unhealthy types of fats and sugars and how to read food labels to make healthy choices at the supermarket.


Fats and sugars

Learn about serve sizes and the recommended number of daily serves from the five food groups. Explore how to plan meals and snacks to make up a healthy day.


Portions and serves

Discover the benefits of family rules and routines and learn how much sleep children need. Identify priorities for your family and explore strategies for making healthy changes at home.


Problem solving

Reflect on your achievements and learn how to set meaningful goals to keep up motivation for healthy habits in the future.


Healthy futures

Some of our health coaches


Bachelor of Nutrition Science

Naomi loves working with families to encourage and support them on their health journey. She also works as a research assistant at Telethon Kids Institute and is a mother of 3 kids. She enjoys gardening and being in nature.



Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Amy enjoys supporting families to work together to make healthy changes that will last long after the program is over. She also works as a private practice dietitian and enjoys Pilates and bushwalking.



Master of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer Science)

Jacqui loves hearing how excited participants get when making healthy choices. She has previous experience in health coaching and also works as a Senior Research Consultant at Ipsos, researching healthcare in Australia.



Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and Master's degree in Dietetic Practice

Jen loves talking to families and working together to achieve the goals that are most important to them. She believes that food and exercise should be well-balanced, fun, and sustainable. In her spare time Jen enjoys travelling and being outdoors.



Bachelor of Science (Sport Science and Nutrition) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

Lisa enjoys getting to know families, working with them to discover how they can live their healthiest lives and watching them take control of their health. Lisa also works as a private practice dietitian and enjoys spending time with her family.


Flexible learning options

In person

Come along to a program in a local community venue where you’ll learn alongside other parents and children. Our group-based programs include opportunities for active and creative play, as well as food exposure activities for young children.


Connect with your own health coach over the phone, and with other parents and carers via virtual group discussions. The online format provides flexibility for busy parents whilst still supporting families to establish healthy habits for young children.

Change your childs
future today

You can help your child learn healthy lifestyle habits that can reduce the risk of illness and support them to lead a healthy life.