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5 ways to get your kids to eat more veggies!

With the prices of food and general living costs skyrocketing, it can be overwhelming trying to provide your family with healthy and yummy meals whilst on a budget.

Shopping for groceries shouldn’t be a stressful experience, and it’s important to make purchasing decisions that prioritise nutrition.

1. Cook them in a variety of ways
Did you enjoy plain steamed corn, broccoli, peas and carrot on a plate when you were a kid? Mostly, the answer is ‘ugh no’. So why would your kids like to be served plain steam veggies?

Cook vegetables in a variety of different ways including baking them, grilling them on the BBQ or adding them to a stir fry.

2. Flavour with herbs and spices
Adding small amounts of crushed garlic, ginger, chilli, sauces or herbs and spices makes a world of differences to the taste of vegetables. Most herbs and spices can be purchased ‘pre-crushed’ in the supermarket so they are ready to use.

3. Cook them with a healthy oil
Adding a sprinkle of a healthy cooking oil such as extra virgin olive oil when cooking vegetables not only ads extra flavour but can also increase absorption of fat-soluble vitamins during digestion.

4. Add different textures
Avoid constantly serving your kids veggies on a plate. Mix them up in a salad and add foods from other food groups with a different texture such as crunchy nuts, seeds and grains.

5. Add vinegars and sauces
Using small amounts of rice, balsamic or white wine vinegars can add a delicious flavour to veggies. You can also try serving your veggies with some healthy sauces or dips such as sweet chilli, sesame sauce, tahini, tzatziki or hummus.

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